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Personalized Experience

One of the top reasons children lose interest in reading at an early age is because they are not exposed to content that matches their reading abilities or interests and challenges them at the right level. We strive to solve this problem by learning the reading abilities of each of our users. For example, when a 6th grader logs in we start by serving content that most 6th graders are able to read. However, we do realize that each child may be ahead or behind their current grade level, in terms of reading. We therefore observe their behavior on YoungCurrent, ask for feedback from the child and monitor their performance in order to serve the right content. In Contextual vocabulary Help

Research has found that vocabulary sticks better when learnt in the context of non-fiction. News is that perfect form of non-fiction that kids can relate to and understand easily. We have identified words at every grade level that are to be learnt and mastered by the students. When these words appear in the news content, we highlight them in yellow. The student has the option of tapping on these words to learn the meaning of the word within the context of the news they are reading. Practice based assessments

At YoungCurrent assessments are with the intention to let students practice their vocabulary. These practice activities are created based on the words the child was exposed to via the news articles he has read that week. Personalized Reports

We value the time that students spend on our website and therefore each week we provide information around their behavior and performance on YoungCurrent. We make this data as actionable as possible for both the student and the parent.