For Parents

Using YoungCurrent like a Pro

Step 1: Go though our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to understand your child's safety on our website. We promise you we have tried to simplify the legal talk for you.

Step 2: Take a look at your child's weekly Progress on YoungCurrent at the Reports page. It comes out every Monday and tells you how much time your child spent on YoungCurrent, the number of articles he/she read in each category and their progress on the practice-based-assessments.

Step 3: From the report that is generated every week, we suggest you try and work the vocabulary your child has learnt that week into your conversations. This will encourage your child to utilize the newly acquired vocabulary himself.

Step 4: Talk to your children about the news they read that day/week. Ask them what they thought about it. How it made them feel (happy/hopeful/sad? etc). Post that, x