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We are a group of folks passionate about education and learning. With YoungCurrent in particular, we came together to explore how informal learning can utilize the possibilities that Technology offers. Founder: Mydhili Bayyapunedi is an Alumna of Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has been working in the space of EdTech for the past few years. On Young

Our Story

We believe that Information around News and Current Affairs to Students and Children should not only be free but easily accessible. If we want a fair shot at fixing our future, its only possible with a generation that is well informed and aware of the world around them. Most educators agree that one way to prepare our children for the future would be to leave at their fingertips a way to access news and information not only about their city or country but about the world in general. YoungCurrent identifies with the movements that education has seen around the world with the focus on 21st century skills of bstudenting a global citizen While it's important that our children are informed, it's also important that they read it from sources that are child-friendly and child-safe. We have found that there are amazing socially-conscious ch news publishers and editors out there who write child-friendly news articles on a daily basis in the hopes to inform our students about the world. Their choice of topics, language, story-telling is truthful and child-safe. We respect the efforts of these publishers and content Creators and passionately hope that aggregating them on to one platform will only make it easier for children and their parents to find them.


"Help Kids Stay Curious"


We believe that curiosity is the key to have a socially aware and socially conscious generation that is genuinely interested in the world around them. This is a shift in paradigm as compared to methodologies followed by most formal learning today that insist on providing the answers without triggering the curiosity of the learner. While in its current form YoungCurrent is focusing on building vocabulary and current affairs, we see ourselves venturing into building other key 21st century skills among students such as ICT literacy, global awareness etc.